The Team

The team are our most important asset, in all positions of the chain from design to complete mold, we have a team with long experience, great acknowledgerment of making hightech molds and products.  

New technology are introduced in the production continously as well as education of the team  to be able to deliver molds according to the high requirements from the customer.    


We design and construct in both Creo (pro-e), Topsolid/Topmold.  We can import most of the known file types on the market.
We are able to support you with molds from scratch or from your own product drawings as well as modifications,improvments on existing parts and molds.
Our designers/constructors have long experience of the type of molds and also the acknowledgement of manufactoring molds by themselves in our company. 


Production includes the following sections. In the production we are using Mastercam for milling and wire edm.


Inspection/controls are made of every manufactured part and documentated before they are release for delivery or assemble.

Tesascan We have a Tesascan for measuring threads and diameters optical

Quality System

We are working according to quality system ISO 9001:2015.
The system are controlled each year by an authorist company. Our team are constantly looking for improvements both
in their own area and for the entire company to reach better results and lead times.
Verktygsfirman Be-Må AB Certifikat ISO 9001_2021.pdf
Copy of our Quality policy

Code of conduct /GDPR