High precision moldmaker
since 1966 

We specialized in the design, produce high-precision single to multi-cavity molds for medical device, caps, lids and closures within the medical, food, beverage packing industry . We have experience of producing LSR molds since the 80: s and this has become one of our specialties together with grinding of threading cores. 

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Services we provide


Design and developement

We provide our customer with expertise and advise according to their projects specific requirements.
We can be your fully partner from the first stage of your idea to the end stage when you launching your product to the market. 

High precision molds/injection molds

We are producing hightech molds for medical devices, caps and closures for  medical, pharma, food, beverage, cosmetic market.

One of our specialties are producing LSR molds for medical devices which we have manufactured since the 80: s

Grinding Cores/threading cores

Grinding threading cores are one of our specialties.

Mission statement 

We should be the customer first choice of partner.

We shall always put the customer in the center and our ambitions are to deliver a product which is over the customers expectations.